About Us

As automotive industry experts and long-standing relationships with owners, we uncovered a need for giving dealer principals insight, tools, and advanced expertise in helping realise more profit and potential in their business.
Our company was founded with a vision to fill a crucial gap in the automotive industry, bringing forth a revolutionary service reminiscent of the high-performance coaching typical to the world of professional athletes. Just like professional athletes have an army of coaches and specialists to help them excel their performance, automotive executives benefit from expert guidance, strategic planning, and a path to outperform and exceed their goals. The Mach10 Automotive team developed a platform on optimising potential and achieving higher levels of success through targeted coaching strategies based on decades of experience and documented success.
Our mission is to provide tailored solutions, designed with precision and a deep understanding of individual needs and industry dynamics, ensuring that every professional we coach experiences transformational growth. We do this by instilling advanced training, strategic analysis, and a mindset focused on success.


To help automotive dealers meet
and exceed their ownership goals

We empower dealers to grow their professional
portfolio by providing tailored solutions,
designed with precision and deep understanding
of individual needs and industry dynamics.



The numbers are the numbers. We dive deep into your trends and patterns to understand the opportunities. When trends are identified, true growth takes place.


We look at the immediate but plan for your future years down the road. Short-term improvement always feels good, but the long term is where your legacy is defined.


Creating solutions that stand the test of time. Operating a dealership means decisions matter that will help keep the business and human capital performing for years to come.


Our team has walked in your shoes, we have the experience to guide your path. We know what the peaks and valleys feel like, so we can work with you for realizing the tough decisions that are required.